Having spent my career working with such amazingly diverse people and places, my ‘Custodians’ project is capturing and recording the people who are the guardians of the UK’s incredible built heritage. These can be from families who have made these houses and castles home across generations and hundreds of years, or people who have acquired them unexpectedly or through purchase.

In the past, portrait painters recorded these people and their stories for posterity. I am weaving those same stories photographically, capturing their essence and using classical portraiture brought into the C21st to give an enticing insight into the sitter and their guardianship of their home.

The volumes being created with narrative provided by the custodians is a record  for now and future generations: celebrating the people, the cultural and economic benefits these establishments bring to their communities, and the UK’s rich and renowned heritage and it’s preservation.

I have visited over 45 properties to date from stunning, world famous stately homes to beautiful, atmospheric castles and houses where every penny is spent keeping the roof on or the walls up. Every story and every custodian are unique.

There are no fees for the portrait sitting and digital images are provided.
To discuss the project or to be potentially featured, please contact me.


Other commissions and work

Projects are being developed around Europe including for the owners of Italy’s beautiful but often unknown palaces and castles – small and large.